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Front Row (L to R): Ed McDavid, Yun Wang, Noel Flores, Finn Walsh, Ben Mackoff, Charles Losk, Ben Petrie La First, Alex Landua, Ross Petchler.  Middle Row  (L to R):  Rosemary Ostfeld, Ryan Brill, Max Perel-Slater, Danny Helgeson, Spencer Hattendorf, Sam Tomich, Peter Belmonte, Dan St. Hilaire, John Jarvis, Eric Spierer, Emma Overton.  Back Row  (L to R):  Justin Watson (assistant coach), Norm Graf (assistant coach), Jenny Moyer, Ross Heinemann, Gael Hagan, Charlie Weiss, Elliott Skopin, Terrence Word, Gilder Keeler, Parker Cook, Ben Roberts, Phil Carney (head coach).  Missing:  Rohan Singh.