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Front Row (L to R): Jack Raba (coach's son), Hans Hsu, Eddie McLaughlin, Jason Ben-Eliyahu, Dan Latzman, Field Yates, Dave Wilkinson, Mike Borrero, Mike Polhemus.
Second Row (L to R): Shem Johnston-Bloom, Jeff McLaren, Whit Harrison, Mike Walsh, Glenn Adams, Bob Diehl, Jordan Funt, Mike Vitulano, Steve Binswanger, Matt Smith, Nate Byer.
Third Row (L to R): Kelly Knee (student manager), Pete Harris, Zach Librizzi, Spike Malangone, Russell Follansbee, Tom Bendon, Nate Green, Baker Woods, John Harding, Nick Hayes, Kwasi Ansu, Tim Devane, Ken Dompier (athletic trainer).
Back Row (L to R): Rick McCarthy  (assistant coach), Chris Howes  (assistant coach), Chris Jasinski, Matt Burke, Grayson Connors, Charlie Congleton, Bobby Goulding, Alex Kaufman, Jesse Bardo, Mike Hines, Will Parker  (assistant coach), John Raba  (head coach).
Missing:  Trevor Adams.