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2005-06 Wesleyan Men's Track Team Photo

Front Row (L to R): Matt Franco, Brad Litchfield, Fred Zenker, Stephen Morris, Mike Brady, Danforth Sullivan, Jonah Blumstein, David Tassone, Anda Greeney.
Second Row (L to R): Ed Kenney, Alex Battaglino, Chris Choi, Owen Kiely, Nate Huddell, Mitch Goldfarb, Nick Holowka.
Third Row (L to R): John Crooke (assistant coach), Newman Hoffman, Anwell Lanfranco, Seth Warren, Tyler Byrne, Matt Shea, Dave Tutor, Andres Rosario, Gabe Roxby, Derek Kuwahara, Walter Curry (head coach).
Back Row (L to R): Taylor Bentley, Dan McLaughlin, Nik Gavelis, Wes Fuhrman, Chris Greene. Sam Grover, Sean Watson, Jon King, Joel Pratt, Dan Mays.
Missing:  Andrea Clarke (assistant coach), Tim Johnson (assistant coach).