Womens Ice Hockey

Wesleyan Women's Ice Hockey Raises $1500 for Brain Injury Association of Conn. in Walk-a-thon Oct. 24, 2010

wihcharityeventParticipating in the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut's annual "Walk For Thought" Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, member of the Wesleyan women's ice hockey team solicited pledges for their mileage and raised $1500 to benefit brain injury research. 

"We became involved through our trainer, Vicky Graham, who is president of the Connecticut Athletic Trainers Association," said Wesleyan women's ice hockey head coach Jodi McKenna.  "Hockey players are no stranger to head injury and our team has been directly affected by its repercussions.  Several players have had concussions and one has had to end her career due to the added effects of repeated concussions.  In general, head trauma happens to be a hot topic right now in hockey and other contact sports.  New research shows that even repeated, mild head contact can have long lasting, negative affects on brain function."

The "Walk For Thought" took place at the University of Connecticut's Rentschler Field in East Hartford, where Wesleyan will play both a men's and women's ice hockey contest outdoors vs. Trinity Tues., Feb. 15, 2011 as part of the Hartford Hockey Fest acitivities.

"Events like the "Walk For Thought" aim to raise awareness about the seriousness of addressing head trauma at every age group and level of sport," Coach McKenna added.