Hurricane Irene Forces Major Changes in Schedule for Student-Athletes Arriving on Campus

athletics logoWith Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast, Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28, Wesleyan University is undertaking emergency procedures to respond to what might be unsafe conditions.  As a result, all programs and arrival of student-athletes on Sunday, August 28, have been cancelled.  Student-athletes should not be on campus that day.  Student-athletes scheduled to arrive for pre-practice events on Sunday and Monday should not report to campus until notified, likely on Monday.  Specific details for Monday programs, based on campus conditions, will be available on the athletics home page, and also linked through fall team home pages with additional information from direct contact with respective head coaches.  Student-athletes already on or around campus, should make every attempt to vacate campus for safer locations.  Those who are able to leave campus to return home or stay with a relative/friend are encouraged to do so - we suggest that this be accomplished by noon on Saturday.  The Freeman Athletic Center will be closed for all activity at 5 p.m. on Saturday and will not reopen until further notice.