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2000 Women's Outdoor Track & Field Team Photo

2000 Women's Track and Field Team Photo

Front Row (L to R): Veena Reddy, Dael Nelson, Hirut M'Cleod, Stephanie Eddy, Erin Flaherty, Angie Steward.
Second Row (L to R): Mei-Mei Chan, Katie Clyde, Maureen McMurray, Ruth Goldstein, Nicole Stremlau.
Third Row (L to R): Austin Horne, Meredith Barrett, Tara Tracy, Meghan Kelly, Samantha Kempner, Julie Holt.
Back Row (L to R): Caitlin Snow, JR Gaige (assistant coach), Gerry McDowell (assistant coach), Craig Raye (head coach), Catlin Converse.
Missing: Kim-Marie Spence, Kamica Lewis, Minica Coghlan, Esther Perreault, Sophoe Woolston, Xan Young, Challa Wright (student manager).