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2011-12 Women's Outdoor Track Team Photo

2011-12 wtrackFront Row (L to R): Nicole Lepre, Karley Dutra, Libby Lazare, Julia Frieze, Lia Monti, Dana Louie, Sydney Morgan, Hannah Zimmerman, Leyna Donaldson.  Middle Row (L to R):  Heidi Hirvonen, Idara Foster, Claire Palmer, Jessica Sherry, Brianna Parsons, Veronica Alvarado, Kimora Brock, Rachel Leicher, Ambrosia Smith.  Back Row (L to R):  Frank Wolak (assistant coach), Walter Curry (head coach), Geneva Jonathan, Melissa Luning, Sierra Livious, Alissa Goldberg, Kerry Nix, Alanah Hall, Rachel Unger, Julia Mark, Orelia Jonathan, Joe Wassink (assistant coach), John Crooke (assistant coach), Mark Winiarski (assistant coach).  Missing: Shivani Kochhar.