Halloween at Wesleyana: 2000

It is that time of the year once again when the Witch of the East calls for:

A meeting of the Druid Council of Wesleyana

At the command of the chief druit Scottonia Plousmonia a deep hollow sound from the Australian didjeridu echoes across the hills and canyons of Wesleyana heralding the arrival of All Hallow's Eve. This is the signal for those many enchanted creatures who inhabit the surrounding countryside to gather on the steps of North College to celebrate the season and cajole their comrads with song and dance.

A signal from Janna, the Didjeridu sounder

They arrive: "Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my! . . . "

Critters of all shapes, sizes and descriptions

With a tin man bringing up the rear

Let the festivities begin!

So it is written, so it is said . . .



I guess that's it, party's over for this year. See you again in 2001. Drive safe. Be good. Have a fine year.

"Vale' Wanderer!"

Happy Halloween from ITS