A Visit ter Old Llort's Digs dune by tha Rivah

"Carfil now! Done gits yer feets wet. Dose roks is slipry."

"Do think that's it, Llort's house, over there in the woods?" "Doesn't look very safe to me."

"Did ja bys thin thet was me home? No twarn't, buts me neighbors tha elves. Gud folks tu. So! Ya kin fine me down th' river a spell. Climp tha hill nd walk alon tha ridge till ya fine tha dooneward slope. Grabs yerself sum apfles from tha ercherd ovr' ther. Thin follower thet a bistle til ya come agin ta the brooks. Abot a lil further en ya fine me digs. Come on en and resd a spell. Halp yerself ta anything ya needs. En welcom ta ya. Yer a gest o' Ol Llort, the troll. . .

Thans fer comin! Ya folks all com agin now, anytyme!

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