normalism by Andrew Witkin

normalism started off as something of a joke one that was in direct opposition to the current presentation of art.  An attempt is often made to make things great; to take a good work or strong presentation and attempt to make it seem an amazing work of wonder.  While there are definitely such works, they are few and far between.  normalism attempts to create a proud place for that which is not amazing, but important, nonetheless.

normalism takes everyday life as its runway.  Much work is either totally involved in itself or extremely eager to make perfect sense.  While these are extremes that are necessary and appreciated for what they are by many, normalism has found a powerful middle ground.

normalism finds importance in what is there but through subtlety or perhaps commonality is often overlooked.  However, it does not stop there.  normalism seeks to raise awareness about the many  diverse stimuli that can provoke thought and appreciation.

normalism accepts that these notions might not be mind blowing.  That helps make it normalism.
                                                                                                            Andrew Witkin


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