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Gronican Legends: Odysseys & Stories of Jason Redbeard

A Shop For Dreamers

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  Welcome to: A Shop For Dreamers
  Positive Solutions Inc
   A Wesleyan Perspective: Journal of the Graduate ...Liberal Studies Program
  Jeremy's Story: Child Advocacy
  An Artist Called Lil
 Halloween at Wesleyana: 2000
  Wesleyan Freeman Scholars 
 ..AV Classrooms
   Philip P. Hallie: Voyages into the Dark Seasons
  The Landscape of John Risley
   Lon Pelton: A Sculptor of Windsor
  Bill Ruffino: An Artist From Rockfall
  Black Glass: The Art of Richard Emond
  In the Shade of the Lighthouse: 
  Clementina Valentino: an artist of New Haven
  The Toymaster of Middletown: Vincent Amato
  Middletown Press Story: Wizard of Wesleyan
...Lady Jane: An Alchemist of the Spirit
M & J Robotic & Computer Needs
Middletown: Summer in the year 2000
 The Textures of Middletown
  The Magical Children and the Genies:Kids Art 2000 
  Creative Arts Workshop N.E.A.R. Inc and The Buttonwood Tree
   ...Sponsored by: The City of Middletown Commission on the Arts
  Summer at the Buttonwood Tree
  The Oddfellows Circus 2000 
    at Wesleyan University
  Select Soccer Camp 2001
  at Wesleyan University -- Soccer Plus-
  Upward Bound 2000  + Excel School Kid Photographs
   Connecticut Events
  New Haven Roadrace via City Point
   The Hyperfine Structure of Things
   One Morning's Odyssey 
    Fog: A Short, Illustrated Story 
..... Mondays With the Muse 
  92 Theatre at Wesleyan: A Celebration
SoSounds From the Heart of the Sculptureun
Genealogy and Family History
  Footprints of The Exiled: An Acadian Family
  A LeBlanc Family Association Newsletter
  The Cellars of Cosmic Manipulation
..Lafayette/Defayette Family Research
Stories and Stuff
  Short Stories: Alchandra, The Enchanted Camel
  The Fair at the End of the World - short story
..Pauli's Wall -- in memory
  Time Enough For All - serial 
  SandCastle Lands Magazine
  Time Enough For All: Gallery of the Ancients
                              -  a prelude -
  Time Enough For All: Chapter One
  Time Enough For All: Chapter Two
  Time Enough For All: Chapter Three
  Time Enough For All: Chapter Four
  Time Enough For All: Chapter Five
  Time Enough For All: Chapter Six
  NoWhere Else: Part One
  Art Galleries
  normalism by Andrew Witkin
   Dreamers Gallery
More Stories: More Stuff
    Do You Remember England
  Llort's Place
  Short Story: "Que of the Chamelions"
  Happy Holidays from Zee, Zi, Zo and Zum
 Poetry and Things
  "El Poeta Vagabunda" Poetry & 
  Writing of Antone   G. Pimental
  "Thoughts For Days Gone By" by Antone G. Pimental
  "Readings From A Troubled Mind"
         by Antone G. Pimental
  A Garden For Dragons
  Building "The Shop"
...A Personal Philosophy
  Ferment: Roy Lisker
 Temporary Files

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Museum of Art
Kiallitott muvek in Hungary:
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Link to: "Trolls, gnomes and such." 

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Link to Dancing Mouse Graphics 

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So for now: "Vale' Wanderer!"

Your host on this voyage: Captain Jason "Grey" Redbeard *
* Captain Redbeard, who is now more of a greybeard than a redbeard,  is a member of the New Haven Science Fiction Writer's Workshop which has gradually settled into oblivion and its members are now dispersed to the far corners of the Universe.  . . but, as they say "hope springs eternal in the "beast" of man .  .  .

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