Courses with an emphasis on speaking help students develop the ability to speak effectively in a variety of situations, including small discussion groups, formal debates, public meetings, and lecture halls. Some courses may offer formal training in public speaking; all will involve a significant amount of oral expression. Courses with a speaking emphasis will offer one or more of the following features:

  • Regular opportunities to present, develop, and advocate ideas orally in such formats as debates, classroom panel discussions, informal presentations, and scripted speeches.
  • Instruction on how to speak effectively, including:
    •  how to engage, inform, and persuade an audience
    •  how to choose appropriate levels of discourse
    •  how to lead, facilitate, and summarize discussions
    •  how to use evidence, logic, imagery, and rhetoric
    •  how to enhance oral presentations with audiovisual aids
    •  how to listen attentively and respond constructively.