Courses emphasizing writing offer students the opportunity to develop writing skills useful in a range of contexts and disciplines. Emphases will vary from course to course: some courses will emphasize research; others will focus on persuasion. All will help students make clear and effective presentations in formats appropriate to their disciplines and purposes.

Courses with emphasis on writing will include:

  • A significant amount of writing, usually spread over the entire semester
  • Writing assignments designed to improve writing skill as well as explore the subject matter of the course
  • Discussion in class of the assigned papers, or opportunities for students to talk with the professor, T.A., or writing tutor
  • Consideration of students' writing performance in their grades or evaluations.

The courses might also consider some of these topics:

  • how to write a particular kind of piece, such as an article for a science journal, or, more broadly, how to write within the conventions of a discipline
  • use of source materials and appropriate citation forms
  • choice of syntax and phrasing, and the development of style and voice
  • uses of rough drafts and revisions. Courses may offer students the chance to revise their work.