The Gordon Career Center works with students of all class years to translate their liberal education into a lifetime of meaningful work.

The Center’s innovative approach to career education encourages students to design their own careers by exploring the intersection among their interests, the skills they have and wish to acquire, and market demand. The Gordon Career Center links students to alumni and employers across the globe in fields that reflect the impressive breadth of opportunities explored by Wesleyan graduates.

Careers By Design

Careers by Design is a program to help students explore the many influences on their career decision-making, cut through the noise, and make choices that are right for them.

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Upcoming Events

Apr 7

Goldman Sachs Information Session

12:15 pm

Hosted by Steven Barg ('84), Head of M&A Capital Markets, Peter Heye (14), Associate, and Ellen Paik (16), Analyst Freshman and Sophomores interested in applying for the 2018 Summer Analyst position should attend! Learn about Goldman, the recruiting timeline and application process and hear from Wesleyan alum about their work at Goldman and how to get prepped for the interview.

Apr 18

Three Stories on Recruiting in Finance - Sam Atkinson '86

12:00 pm

Sam Atkinson 86 was a math/econ major at Wes. After his first eight years in consulting, Sam went to MIT Sloan and received his MBA in 96. Ever since, he has worked at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Management Division and has advised many career-seeking Wesleyan students along the way. Sam has found students applying to jobs in the finance industry often repeat the same mistakes and fall into the same traps during the process, and he is coming to Wesleyan on April 18th to share three of his stories along with perspective on choosing a career and the job application process.

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