Wesleyan Connections & Engagement

Regarding WesCAN, the Alumni Directory, and WesNET
All recent graduates of any given academic year are alerted via email and switched over to alumni status by the University in August after graduation.  New alumni are instructed to register on WesNET (see link below), which enables them to set up their alumni portfolios, providing access to a number of services and features, such as WesCAN and the Alumni Directory. 

Regarding MyCC and Cardinal Jobs [Note: Cardinal Jobs is in flux; a new venue is being planned; stay tuned! 7/6/12]
The services available via MyCC/Experience, including the job postings, are targeted to students. Recent graduates have access to these postings until mid-August after graduation, at which point their access is discontinued.  They can then view job postings via Cardinal Jobs/Experience.  Click Cardinal Jobs to create an account.  The jobs on both MyCC and Cardinal Jobs are posted by Wesleyan alumni and other employers seeking Wesleyan graduates.


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