Career Outlook Student Selection Process

  • Complete and submit a Sponsor Sign-Up Form
    We will then place your opportunity online for our students to review.
  • The Career Center will forward student applications to you via e-mail by November 5. 
    Applications will be bundled together in a single Adobe Acrobat PDF-formatted document.
    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it free.
  • Review the applications, select your final candidate(s) and at least one alternate and submit by November 15.
  • The Career Center will contact your final candidate(s) and provide them with instructions for contacting you.
  • When your final candidate(s) contacts you, you should discuss dates and times for the Career Outlook opportunity as well as any other final details.
  • Enjoy your Career Outlook experience!
  • Complete an evaluation about your experience with Career Outlook.

Questions?  Contact:
Anne Santaniello, Assistant Director,

Thank you!