On-Campus Opportunities

The Wesleyan University Career Center uses eRecruiting (MyCC) to facilitate the on-campus job posting and interviewing process.  MyCC enables employers to easily post job descriptions, view applicant resumes and cover letters and make decisions for interviewing candidates via the internet.  If you wish to list a position for undergraduate students in Wesleyan's system, you can create an account on the site for employers.

On-Campus Recruiting at Wesleyan University takes place during both the Fall and Spring semesters. During the Fall semester, Information Sessions take place starting the second week of September through late November.  On-Campus Interviews begin during the first week of October through the first week of December.  Fall break typically takes place during the 3rd weekend in October, as well as the Monday and Tuesday of that following week.

During the Spring semester, Information Sessions take place starting the last week of January through the third week of April.  On-Campus Interviews begin during the second week of February through the end of April.  Spring break typically takes place for two weeks during the middle of March.

Posting Internships and Open Positions

We welcome internship and job postings from employers seeking liberal arts candidates. Online application deadlines for resumes, cover letters, and any other employer-required materials are scheduled Tuesday evenings during the fall and spring semesters. With a MyCC account, you can login to retrieve resumes or receive an e-mailed bundle of submitted materials in Adobe PDF format. If you have a MyCC account please create the internship/job in the system.  Please note: We reserve the right to remove postings which are not appropriate for Wesleyan students. 

The Liberal Arts Career NetWORK provides a job and internship listing service which gives employers the opportunity to reach students at 30 highly selective, liberal arts colleges with just one posting, for free. For more information and to register and post, please visit http://lacnjobs.org  

Information Sessions and Tables
Information sessions provide a venue for students and employers to interact regarding workplace culture, expectations, and recruiting methods.  They may also aid in generating interest in an upcoming resume collection.  Information sessions typically last about an hour and are held in meeting or class rooms which house A/V equipment allowing for PowerPoint or DVD presentations.  Ideally, information sessions are held at least a week prior to an online application deadline.  Catering referrals are available.  Please inquire when you schedule your information session.  If you are interested in setting up an information session, please call Jim Kubat, Associate Director for Jobs and Internships, at (860) 685-2180 or send an e-mail request to Jim Kubat.

On-Campus Interviewing
We welcome employers interested in interviewing Wesleyan students to join us in the Career Center for a day of on-campus interviews. Employers provide a job description to which students apply with the resumes and cover letters through MyCC.  Students are then pre-selected by the employer from submitted resumes. A typical schedule includes 12 interview slots, thirty minutes each, beginning at 9:00am. (Schedules can be adjusted to suit an employer's needs.)  Create an account in MyCC to enter and edit information about your organization, such as company description, web address, and recruiting contacts, and to post the qualifications for the internships/jobs you would like to publicize.  Please call Jim Kubat, Associate Director for Jobs and Internships, at 860-685-2180 or email jkubat@wesleyan.edu to set up an interview schedule.  Employer representatives can use MyCC to make interview selections directly.


The WEShadow Program provides Wesleyan undergraduates an opportunity to explore careers through shadowing a Wesleyan alumna/us or parent during Winter Break.  Shadow opportunities can range from 1 day to 2 weeks include observing a professional during daily work activities, or participating in a specific project.