Financing Your Legal Education

Although the primary form of funding for law school is the loan, it is well worth the time to research and explore additional financial sources, such as scholarships and grants.  Many law schools provide excellent incentive packages to assist you in attending their school.  If you are planning to practice public interest law, many law schools have LRAPS (loan forgiveness programs) which help you pay back your loans.  (Caveat: not all LRAPs are created equal; carefully read the details).  The U.S. government also has a loan forgiveness program.  Finally, third-party grants and scholarships are available, but are less available across the board.

The following are select resources that will provide useful information as you conduct your research.

Access Group – Nonprofit organization providing professional and graduate school applicants with information and loan services.
Equal Justice Works – A list of law schools with Loan Forgiveness Programs.
FinAid -- Resource for free online databases listing scholarships and grants.
Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors (NAPLA) -- See the NAPLA Pre-Law Guide, lower right, for their Financial Aid section.
U.S. Dept. of Education, Federal Student Aid, Graduate and Professional Students -- Information on federal loan.  See especially "Repaying Your Loans," for information on the loan repayment programs.

How to Pay for Your Law Degree, 2008-2010 -- under "Fellowships" in the CRC library.  Great directory listing hundreds of third-party scholarships to help fund law school.  Recommended.