Hours and Fees

Alice Scholar, Credential Service Coordinator
41 Wyllys Avenue
Middletown, CT 06459
860-685-3367 (Phone)
860-685-2181 (Fax)

HOURS:  Tuesday-Thursday 7:30am - 4:30pm

The Credential Service is designed to provide a reliable, efficient means of disseminating letters of recommendation for Wesleyan students and alumni. Transcripts and/or resumes are not held in files or mailed.  Please contact the registrar’s office for transcript requests.

As of JULY 1, 2011:  The Credential Service will not accept new registrants other than those students/alumni/ae who have identified themselves as applicants to health professions graduate programs (medical, dental or veterinarian).

ALL students/alumni/ae who registered for the Credential Service on or before JULY 1, 2011, will continue to be assisted.  This includes the maintenance of files, i.e, the collection of letters of recommendation and disbursal of letters upon the request of the registrant.

As of JULY 1, 2005:  Credential Service Files purchased after this date will be destroyed after a 10-year period.  Files may be kept active upon registrant's written request.


  • Registration and 5 mailings: $35
  • Registration and 15 mailings: $50

A mailing is any number of letters sent to one location on the same day.  The 5-mailing service denotes 5 different locations; the 15-mailing service, 15 different locations.

When a mailing service is exhausted, subscribers may purchase single mailings at a cost of $6 each or may purchase another mailing package.

Please use the "Credential Request" form (only available in hard copy to service registrants).  If lost or misplaced, a written request indicating by author name what letters are to be sent, the mailing address of the destination of the letters, registrant signature, and either an e-mail address or phone number to where registrant may be reached during the day are to be mailed/faxed to the Credential Service for a credential request to be processed.

Key Closures

· CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING BREAK: NOVEMBER 26, 27, 28, 2014. All requests must be received by this office no later than NOVEMBER 6, 2014, to insure early December deadlines. REOPEN DECEMBER 2, 2014.


If you have a January 2, 5, or 6, 2015, deadline, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR REQUESTS TO THIS OFFICE BY DECEMBER 11, 2014.  Any requests received after that date are not guaranteed to be processed and mailed to meet early January deadlines.  The Credential Service will close for Winter Break beginning December 19, 2014 and will reopen January 6, 2015.  Please keep this closing in mind.