Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation (LOR) are an important part of the application process.  Your recommenders should know you well and be enthusiastically supportive of your application.  Professors are often the best choices for these letters because they are familiar with your academic performance, research abilities, communication skills and character.  Previous employers and other supervisors can attest to your work ethic, character and creativity, and thus can also be good sources for a letter.   If you are uncertain about whom to ask for an LOR, visit the Career Center or ask the grant/fellowship contact for advisement.

Help your recommenders write effective letters by providing them with supporting information, such as your proposal or a cover letter explaining your reason for attending graduate/professional school, outside work and activities (your resume), transcript, and possible career plans.

Be sure to request letters from your professors early enough to allow them to write a carefully considered evaluation.  Direct office visits, email or a phone call are all appropriate ways to approach your professor.

The Career Center's Credential Service (CS)

aThe Career Center's Credential Service provides administrative support for the management of your letters of recommendation for graduate and professional school, fellowships and grants, and employment in a reliable and confidential manner.

How to Register

As of July 1, 2011, the Credential Service is no longer accepting new registrants with the exception of those students and alumni/ae who have identified themselves as applicants to health professions graduate programs (medical, dental or veterinarian).  Current students registering for the CS are requested to come to the Career Center in person to meet with Alice Scholar, Credential Service Coordinator, Tuesday – Thursday with cash, a check (payable to Wesleyan University), or, you may charge the fee to your student account (UP TO APRIL 11, 2014 - this date may be subject to change.)  Credit cards are not accepted.  See Hours & Fees below.

Wesleyan alumni may purchase a file by downloading, printing, completing and mailing a Credential Service Registration Form along with payment (a check made payable to Wesleyan University) to Alice Scholar, Credential Service Coordinator, Wesleyan Career Center, 41 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown, CT 06459.  Credit cards are not accepted. Upon receipt of completed registration form and payment, a Credential Service registration package will be mailed to you. See Hours & Fees below.

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