How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

Provide one of the pink "Request for Reference/Waiver" forms you received with your registration package via U.S. mail or directly to a professor or employer.  Complete the top portion of this form indicating with your signature whether you wish to retain or waive your right to see the reference written on your behalf (discuss this point with your recommender before completing the form).  Request from your writer that he/she include this form with his/her letter and submit the waiver form and their letter directly to the Credential Service.  You may wish to provide a resume, an unofficial transcript and/or also include a copy of a paper you wrote as well as your own graduate school application essay (if applicable).  Waiver forms will be received upon completion of registration form and payment.

The more information you provide to your recommender, the easier it is for him/her to write a strong and appropriate letter of recommendation. Be aware, in requesting a letter of support, it often takes a recommender 2-3 months to write a letter of recommendation and send it to the Career Center. Check your file periodically (by contacting Alice Scholar at the Career Center) to see what letters are in it. DO NOT wait until you are ready to send letters out to check what is in your file.

If you wish to have an existing letter of recommendation in your file updated, you must first contact your recommender. If needed, the Credential Service will then forward a copy to the recommender. REMEMBER, if you waive your right of access to a letter, the letter will be marked "Confidential." You may not read a confidential letter under any circumstances. If a letter is not accompanied by a (pink) signed waiver form, it will be considered confidential

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