How to Ask the Credential Service to Send Out Your Letters

Complete a Credential Request form for each location to where you wish to have your letters sent.  The Credential Service must have your completed and signed request before the release of your letters.  CREDENTIAL SERVICE REQUEST FORMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.  IF a form is not available to you, list out what letters you want sent (by author name), the complete mailing address of their destination, your signature, your address and provide either an e-mail address or phone number where you can be reached during the day.  TELEPHONE AND E-MAIL REQUESTS WITHOUT SIGNATURE ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  Requests may be faxed(860-685-2181) scanned via email to or mailed to the attention of Alice Scholar, 41 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown, CT 06459. If faxing, please follow up with an e-mail message to indicating that a request has been faxed.  Upon receipt of your request, the Credential Service will process it within 5 business days.*  Registration covers processing, postage, envelopes and clerical time.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE.

*This does not apply to registrants using a health professions letter. This letter is included in your Credential package and takes 2-3 months to prepare.

The Credential Service WILL NOT FAX letters of recommendation.

The Service is open Tuesday - Thursday between 7:30am-4:30pm.  The Credential Service is closed for Thanksgiving break November 27, 28, 29, 2013.  All requests must be received by this office no later than November 7, 2013, to insure early December deadlines. The office will reopen December 2, 2013.

If you have a January 2, 6, or 7, 2014, deadline, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR REQUESTS TO THIS OFFICE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 12, 2013.  Any requests received after that date are not guaranteed to be processed and mailed to meet early January deadlines.  The Service will close for Winter Break beginning December 20, 2013, and will reopen January 2, 2014.  Please keep this closing in mind.

Remember:  Before submitting a Credential Request form, check your file for letters received by email at or by calling Alice Scholar 860-685-3367.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all letters are on file before submitting a mailing request. It is also your responsibility to ensure that recommendations arrive at their final destination. If not all requested letters are in your file, your request cannot be processed.

LAW SCHOOL APPLICANTS: Some law schools may opt to receive letters of recommendation along with regular LSDAS files.  The LSAC now provides a Credential Service whereby they will hold your letters of recommendation on microfiche for a period of 7 years and forward your letters along with your scores to law schools.  However, after the 7-year period, your file is deleted.  The Credential Service will forward your letters to Law Services however each, individual letter MUST be accompanied with a grid form with your signature, in order for your letter(s) to be accepted.

Evaluation forms from graduate schools: Often these forms have a check-off grid asking the recommender to evaluate your competencies on a scale. If your recommender is willing to fill it out, have him/her forward the completed form to the Service, his/her letter will be attached to it and mailed. Most schools will accept letter(s) attached to the form in place of completed forms. However, it is best to check with schools to determine their policy. Some schools require you submit references along with your application package. In this case, let us know and we will give you your recommendations in a signed, sealed envelope. Be sure to consider deadlines, processing, closings for winter break and postal travel time.