Resources to Find Off-Campus Grants & Fellowships

These resources will help you search for grants and fellowships that you apply to independently of Wesleyan faculty or staff.

Wesleyan Resources

General Resources

Loan Forgiveness via the Campus Compact Web Site

Students of Color

Grant Writing

Hard-copy Resources in the Career Center Library

  • "Financial Aid Directories", Reference Service Press, covering financial aid for: Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women.  Also, Graduate Students in the Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Law, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and for people studying abroad and conducting research abroad.
  • "Scholarships, Grants & Prizes"
  • "The Harvard College Guide to Grants"
  • "Peterson's Guide for Graduate Study"
  • "Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans"
  • "Worldwide Graduate Scholarship Directory"

Graduate School

Many graduate schools have exclusive grants and fellowships for those students accepted into their program. Please contact the particular program for details.