The Proposal

After reading your proposal, the committee should have a clear understanding of your goals, your seriousness as an applicant, and your personality. In addition, your proposal should reflect an understanding of the nature and the goals of the fellowship. Therefore, unique proposals should be written for each different fellowship.

Brief proposals are encouraged, if not required. Two written pages, perhaps three, is the usual length.  Plan and outline what you want to say and how you want to say it before you write.  Your proposal should be feasible (specific and attainable).  If your imagination has built a castle in the sky, modify your goals.  An unrealistic proposal will not persuade the selection committee.  Ask a faculty member, academic advisor, dean or a Career Resource Center counselor to critique your proposal.  And remember: no typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, or incorrect punctuation.

A Proposal for Study should include:

  • The university or institution at which you plan to study. Wesleyan faculty members can provide information on other universities.  The International version of the college catalogs is on microfilm.  Also, Olin Library has graduate school catalogs for the U.S. and Canada on microfilm.
  • The area of study and/or program you want to pursue.
  • Why you want to study this field or topic (independently or at a particular university).
  • The relationship between your present studies and what you propose to study.  If there is none, explain why you want to pursue this new area.
  • Personal thoughts: What do you want to gain from your studies?  Is there anything special about you that the committee should know?

A Proposal for Travel should include:

  • Where you want to travel.
  • The reason you want to travel or live in the particular place.
  • The relationship that exists between your present or past study, work, or interests and your proposal.
  • Personal thoughts: What do you want to gain from your travel?  Is there any special connection between you and your travel plans that the committee should know?