Ganbarg Internship Program

New, extended deadline!  Application deadline is now: Wednesday, April 30, 11:59pm, via MyCC.

Award: $4,000.00.

For More Information: Email Jim Kubat at the Career Center at

The Ganbarg Internship Program, an endowed fund established by Pete Ganbarg ’88 that provides grant funding to encourage and enable Wesleyan students to explore and begin their careers in the music industry. It is Pete’s hope that this annual grant opportunity will help launch the next generation of industry leaders, helping to maintain and push the boundaries of exciting and innovative music, from both the creative and business perspectives. The grant is a competitive financial award, exclusively for Wesleyan First-Years, Sophomores, and Juniors (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors).  One grant will be awarded each year.

The responsibilities will be set by your supervisor within the organization for whom you are interning.  You may be hired by a for-profit or nonprofit organization that focuses its business or mission on music, e.g., a record label company, recording studio, music talent search agency, concert promoter, community service/educational program, school, or similar initiative.  Each applicant must independently secure and accept an internship and then apply for the grant. Confirmation of the accepted internship offer on the employer’s letterhead is required for the application. The grant recipient will also be responsible for updating the University and the donor on her/his summer experience, and will enter the summer experience into WesSID, the Wesleyan Summer Experience Database (if the position is available to other Wesleyan students for subsequent summers).

Applicants must be committed to establishing a career in the music industry. Demonstrate your commitment to the music industry on your resume and in your cover letter through your involvement with music, knowledge of the industry, desired post-college plans, and potential contribution to the world of music. Questions regarding the application process or other aspects of the program may be addressed to Jim Kubat (

Required Application Material (application is online through MyCC):  Resume, Cover Letter, and a Letter of Employment Confirmation from your employer, confirming your accepted internship offer and providing a description of your internship responsibilities.  The employer's letter must be on their letterhead with signature, and sent to you as a PDF document for uploading onto MyCC.   The application portal can be found on the MyCC Homepage > One-click Search > Cardinal Internships > Ganbarg Internship Program.