Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I receive the Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant more than once?
In an effort to provide a number of students the opportunity to receive summer funding - grant recipients can only receive the award one time.

How many students receive the grant each year?
The numbers of Summer Experience Grant recipients vary depending on the funds available that year. In previous years approximately 1/4 of the total applicants receive funding to participate in an experience. Therefore with about 100+ applicants we tend to award 20 - 25 grants.

What if I haven't received my internship by the grant application deadline?
Many applicants, at the time of the Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant deadline, have not yet been accepted at the internship of their choice. If you are offered a Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant but do not receive the internship you submitted, you must complete a Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant Application Revision Form, once you have found a replacement internship, equal to the approved internship. The Committee must approve the replacement internship before Wesleyan Summer Experience funds can be used for the internship.

What is the Wesleyan Summer Earning Expectation?
Each year Wesleyan's Financial Aid Office will determine the family contribution for those students who are receiving financial aid. The family contribution is comprised of a parent contribution as well as a student contribution. The student contribution piece of this amount is what should appear on your grant budget form ($2500 is the average, but the Financial Aid Office will determine the exact amount). The Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant committee would like this included in the budget to ease any financial requirements you may have over the summer.

How does the grant affect my taxes?
Wesleyan University does not make any determination on the taxability of these awards.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine your tax status and liability. International students should refer to the Financial Aid Web site for details on their tax status.

What is a "sponsor"?
Your sponsor will be your internship supervisor. The application process requires you have a conversation with your potential supervisor in order to discuss duties and responsibilities of your potential role.  If you are opting for an independent project or an academic experience with no specified supervisor, you need to find a faculty sponsor with whom to review your experience and discuss a timeline for work.

What if my total expenses add up to more than $4000?
If you find that your total expenses add up to an amount higher than $4000, then you must offset this with income. Some recipients have decided to work part-time jobs before, during or after to make up the difference. Others include savings or assistance from family. Some experiences provide a small stipend; if so, you should include that in your Income section. You do not need to have anything in the Income section; only if your expenses exceed the grant amount. Bottom line: Number 8 (Total Request) at the bottom of the budget must equal $4000 or less.