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Register for Connect@Wes By March 3rd
Rachel Munafo
Meet, Greet and RepeatThe second annual Connect@Wes speed networking event will take place at Wesleyan University in Beckham Hall on Friday, April 10th. This event is open for Wesleyan Students of all class years and interests.  Register to be matched with Expert Advisors (recruiters and hiring managers as well as alumni and parent volunteers) and…

After Wesleyan, Before Med/Dent/Vet School Alumni Panel (3/1)
Rachel Munafo
After Wesleyan, Before Med/Dent/Vet School Alumni PanelSunday, March 1, 3:30 PM.
41 Wyllys, Room 114(Re-scheduled from 2/22/15) What can you do between graduation and beginning graduate school in one of the health professions that will be intellectually engaging, personally meaningful, and pay the rent?  Why might it be a good idea to take some time and…

6 Secrets to Breaking into the Tech Industry with a Liberal Arts Major
Rachel Munafo
Don’t think you have the skills to work in the tech industry? Think again. From a dance and psychology major at Wesleyan to a Director of Marketing at a 200-person software company, presenter Devon Hopkins ’11 will share how to use your liberal arts background to land a job at a tech company. Learn resume best practices…

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