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Introducing CareerDrive, the Career Center’s new recruiting platform
Rachel Munafo
As students return to campus this week, we are excited to officially begin rolling out our new recruiting platform, CareerDrive. The new site, which is a replacement for MyCC (also referred to as experience.com), offers Wesleyan students a number of new and enhanced tools to better manage and fuel their personal career development.  Students can log-in to…

Senior Meeting, Class of 2015 Mark Your Calendars
Rachel Munafo
Class of 2015, welcome to your senior year at Wesleyan and welcome back to campus!  You will have two opportunities to attend the Career Center’s Senior Meeting which will be held on Thursday, September 4th from 7-8pm and Friday, September 5th from 12:30-1:30pm in Exley’s Tishler Hall. This meeting is required for seniors wishing to participate in on-campus…

What do Wesleyan students do after they graduate?
Rachel Munafo
As the Director of the Wesleyan Career Center, I get this question a lot. From parents, anxious to know what sort of living one can make with a liberal arts education. From students, looking for paths to follow, or for permission to chart their own. From faculty, curious to know how those they have taught…

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