Working Abroad

Finding paid work overseas requirres creativity, determination and patience.  Unlike entry-level job opportunities in the U.S., there are relatively few full-time/permanent jobs for American undergrads overseas.  The reasons for this vary: foreign countries prefer that their jobs go to nationals (they have unemployment issues, too); American employers prefer to hire nationals (it can be less expensive), and, if sending an American employee to a foreign office, they may opt to send someone with experience; and, employers can hire experienced applicants over those coming fresh out of college.

Another hurdle is the work visa.  Some foreign countries have restrictions on international workers.

With this said, recent grads do find work abroad.  They take short-term paid jobs and turn them into long-term; they travel, couch surf, and land a postion through word of mouth or happenstance; they teach English and move on from there; they network; or, they start by working for a structured programs.

The resources below will provide you with a strong starting point from which to explore different ways of breaking into international work.

Short-Term Paid Work

Teaching Abroad
Volunteer Work

Includes organizations that provide stipends, room & board and transportation.

International Jobs and Careers
International Grants/Fellowships
Resources by Geographic Region
International Students
Office of International Studies

Go to "Other Opportunities" and click on "Work, Volunteering, and Internships Abroad" to find links to many programs that provide experience to students and recent graduates.