Volunteer Work Abroad

AIDE (Association of International Development and Exchange) - Volunteer programs in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Thailand.  Accommodations and meals provided.
Brethren Volunteer Service - Lists both domestic and overseas volunteer opportunities.
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service - Excellent directory of volunteer programs, both domestic and international.  Some pay stipends, provide room and board, and/or are linked to Americorps, which provides education awards.
How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas - Author’s web site.  Highly recommended.  Useful resource links.
Idealist - Search internship opportunities with non-profit organizations worldwide.
International Volunteer Programs - Evaluate various programs, compare and contrast.
IVPA – International Volunteer Programs Association - IVPA web site lists programs for volunteering abroad. Extensive links to relevant resources.
Peace Corps - The Peace Corps is one of the best-paid volunteer jobs: all expenses paid, extensive training, and a resettlement allowance after completing 2-year assignment. English, Math and Science teachers are especially in demand. Jobs in agriculture, business, health, skilled trades, etc., also available. U.S. citizens only.  No application deadline but process takes nine months.
Quaker Information Center - Great volunteer and service opportunities.  Comprehensive web site includes links to hundreds of organizations sponsoring overseas volunteer, internship and study programs with a focus on social justice, relief, and development.
SeaTurtles911 - Chinese immersion program for those who are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese and doing volunteer work with sea turtles on Hainan Island, China.
Volunteer Work Abroad - Excellent basic information on many aspects of serving with various volunteer programs.  Read this first!