Internship Search Resources

The value of an internship is in the experience you receive, the career insight you gain, and the contacts you make.  A formal internship program may look great in the job announcement, but actually give you little experience or connection with professionals.  On the other hand, an opportunity that might be billed as a summer job could provide you with outstanding work-related experience, and help you establish some good relationships for future networking, too.  The bottom line: be open-minded and flexible when looking for an internship for the summer, winter break, or during an academic leave of absence.

Funding for Internships - Links to information on fellowships and grants.  See especially the Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant, listed among Grants & Fellowships Requiring On-Campus Review.

Credit for Internships - The current Wesleyan policies, instructions and application forms for receiving academic credit for an internship. 

As you take full advantage of the following resources, keep in mind that there is no limit, or "right" amount, of applications you can submit.  And note: all of the rules for resume writing and interviewing apply to internships as well as full-time jobs!


  • Cardinal Internships - Internship opportunities provided by Wes alumni and parents, giving Wes students an edge in the application and selection process.  These opportunities are posted on the MyCC landing page as a One-Click, and will be added as they come in. 

Note: announcements regarding these internships are made in the weekly Career Center Newsletter, regular targeted MyCC emails, the CC Facebook page, and Twitter.  Read your Career Center emails!

  • WesSID (Student Internship Database) - Leads, information, and recommendations for internships, fellowship programs, summer jobs and more, posted exclusively for Wes students, by Wes students.  Wes Student Portfolio > Career Resources > WesSID Search.  Note: as of December 2012, the database has 666 current opportunities representing numerous fields, industries and professions!
  • Career Outlook - A job shadowing program that provides Wesleyan undergraduates an opportunity to explore careers through shadowing a Wesleyan alumna/us or parent during Winter Break.  While not intended as formal internships by the alumni/parent mentors, some of these observational experiences occasionally involve active work on a short-term project. Opportunities are posted in MyCC every fall.


  • MyCC - Web site listing internship opportunities exclusively for Wesleyan students.
  • LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network) - A shared resource of nearly 4,000 current internships that is maintained by a consortium of 30 top tier liberal arts schools. For access, click on LACN > Students/Alumni >Log in with your Username (Wes email address) and Password (Wes ID).
  • - Major site dedicated to the nonprofit sector.
  • InternMatch - Great site for internships and job search advice.
  • - Extensive database for internships, plus the INTERNSHIP PREDICTOR, a great tool to help you find internships based on your interests, values, personality, and work style.  Create your personal account (no fee) and get started!  The Internship Predictor is under My Tools.
  • Internship Series - Full, current information on over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students.  For access, log on to your portfolio.  Find 'Career Resource Center', then click 'Online Resources & Passwords'.  See Internship Series for the Username and Password, then click on it, and click “The Internship Series on line” on the left side bar.
  • Career Insider - An extensive resource of internships, industry guides, employer profiles and message boards. For access, log on MyCC , go to the Vault box and click on VAULT.COM > log in with your Wes email address and ID > scroll down to Most Popular Internships > View All Internship Profiles.




On-campus, you have a wide variety of work options during the academic year that provide significant training that is relevant to your future career. The Student Employment Office and the Career Center collaborate on directing students to on-campus opportunities.


Off-campus, in the Middletown area, you have opportunities with local agencies, employers and municipal offices.  The Center for Community Partnerships and the Career Center collaborate on directing students to off-campus opportunities and volunteer experiences.


Finding a career-related internship abroad can be challenging.  It is important to understand that paid internships abroad are rare; internships for academic credit (tuition-charging) are common.  However, careful planning and persistence can help you to find a rewarding international internship. The Office of International Studies and the Career Center work together to provide you with information and tools to find volunteer and internship opportunities abroad.