Part-Time & Summer Jobs

Part-time and summer jobs can provide excellent experience to help you build marketable skills, gain insight into different careers and make some new networking contacts.  Stay in touch with all of your former supervisors; you may need a reference for your next job!

Summer Camps – Summer camp jobs. - Summer camp jobs. – Directory of summer camps. – Check out the Job Fair tab

Adventure and Alternative Summer Jobs

Network!  This is a great job hunting method even for a part-time or summer job!
Friends, classmates, family and relatives, professors, former bosses and co-workers are all potential networking contacts.  Come in during Drop-ins if you need help to get started.

Network with alumni through the Wesleyan Career Advisor NetworkWesCAN is a searchable database of alumni.  Alumni can often provide specific advice that may help during your search.  See a counselor at the CRC to discuss the best way to utilize WesCAN.

Direct Employer Contact - Use Career Search to research and contact potential employers in a wide variety of fields and industries for both internships, part-time, and summer jobs.

Temporary, Part-Time & Full-Time Employment Agencies
NOTE: Contact employment agencies for summer or winter break jobs!  These positions can provide valuable work experience.
American Staffing Association
Clarity – Temp agency in NYC run by a Wes alumna.
HelpUnlimitedTemps - Washington, DC
NewsVoyager Gateway to Local Newspapers Directory of U.S. and International Newspapers
The Skill Bureau - Boston, MA

Don't Forget - Wesleyan Office of Financial Aid – Both on- and off-campus work-study and non-work-study job postings.