Job Application Reference List

Most potential employers (for both jobs and internships) will request a list of references at some point in the search process. Many employers only ask for references from candidates they are seriously considering; others request references from all applicants. Your reference list is an important document that should be as professional as your resume and cover letter.

Your reference list should...

1. Contain at least 3 professional (not personal) references of people who can speak well of you.
2. Include the complete name, title, organization, street address, telephone numbers and email addresses for each person listed.
3. Be ordered in the way you want the references to be contacted -- by priority or strength of reference.

Also, don't forget!
Ask permission from references before you list them!
Send each reference a copy of your resume.
Discuss the content of your resume and your personality, accomplishments, and skills with each person; remember, you want them to speak knowledgably and well of you.

Consider opening a Credential File with the Career Center to store letters of recommendation for application to jobs or graduate schools.

Example reference list layout
Rachel Someone
5 West Street
Anytown, NY 12888

Ms. Susan Name
Store Manager
No Name Store
1234 East West Drive
New York, NY 03444

Mr. Joseph Nothing
Amazing Coffee House
25 Hickory Lane
Long Island, NY 03445

Professor Jane NoName, Ph.D.
Philosophy Department
Russell House
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT  06459