A resume is a concise, written snapshot of your accomplishments and experience to date, designed to give an employer a quick view of your background and to create a favorable impression. For a college student, it is usually one page and is primarily focused on your college years. It is not a curriculum vita (CV), which is typically a multi-page document used by Ph.D.'s when applying for academic teaching positions. CV's go into greater detail than resumes. There are, however, times when a CV format might be appropriate for an undergraduate, such as when applying to a research position in the sciences. For an example of an undergraduate CV, see Acy Jackson's book in the  Career Center's library.


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Sample Resume Formats

Please Note:  these formats are examples, not requirements, and are meant to jumpstart your own ideas for organizing your resume!  Any student from any class year can borrow features from any of the formats below.

  • Sample B1 - Sophomore with primarily highschool experience, unrelated to job objective.
  • Sample B2 - Senior with wide variety of experience and activity.
  • Sample B3 - First-year student emphasizing leadership, with additional part-time job.
  • Sample B4 - Senior with extensive relevant experience.
  • Sample B5 - Senior emphasizing research, leadership and activities.
  • Sample B6 - Senior with primarily unrelated job experience.
  • Sample P1 - Senior with multiple schools; separates work and leadership.
  • Sample P2 - Senior using alternative way to separate work and leadership.
  • Sample P3 - Junior, with honors, extensive experience, and a publication.
  • Sample P4 - Senior presenting extensive experience related to one industry.
  • Sample P5 - Senior with extensive experience.
  • Sample P6 - Senior with experience related to job objective, unrelated experience, and activities.
  • Sample P7 - Junior transfer student with extensive relevant and leadership experience.

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