Thank You Notes

It is gracious to follow up an interview with a short note of thanks. This allows you to reaffirm your interest in a job or mention anything you forgot to bring up previously. The lack of a follow-up response may signal a lack of interest. A thank you should be brief, sincere, and most importantly remind the interviewer of you, your particular qualifications and/or of subjects you discussed during the interview.

A thank you letter should be sent within two days following the interview, and it may be typed or neatly handwritten. (We recommend typing letters to business employers.) Personalized stationery is appropriate, although not necessary, as long as it is plain in design and color.

Like a cover letter, a thank you letter should be individually composed and geared to each organization and interviewer. If you interviewed with more than one individual at the same organization, separate letters reflecting the specific discussions with each interviewer may be sent. At the very least, a letter should be sent to the individual who was responsible for organizing your interviews with a request to thank others with whom you met.

Any substantive interactions you have with employers should be followed by a note from you. Acknowledgments, acceptances, and rejections of job offers should also be handled in writing, even if they merely reiterate an earlier phone call. Be certain to make the purpose of your letter obvious, especially in rejecting an offer. In an effort to be diplomatic, students sometimes fail to state that they are turning down the job.