Sample Networking E-mail

Suggested Subject Line: Wesleyan Student Seeking Career Advice

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am currently a student at Wesleyan University and I obtained your name through the Career Resource Center. I am interested in exploring the field of education, specifically teaching, in a private school and am writing to you because of your position teaching English at [Any School, USA]. If possible, I would like to arrange a time to meet or talk with you about your post-Wesleyan experiences and about the field of teaching in general.

I am currently a senior and am majoring in History. I have experience as a Teaching Assistant for the History Department, write occasional articles for the Argus, do a variety of community service work with children and have spent many summers working for a camp in Vermont. I have no direct teaching experience; however, through my on- and off-campus involvement, I have worked individually with a variety of people and am intrigued by the learning process that each of them goes through.

I would like to arrange a time to further discuss your teaching background and experiences. I appreciate that your time is valuable, and I would be grateful for any advice you may have for me. I will call you within the week to follow up on this message and schedule a time to speak that is convenient for you. Thank you for your consideration.

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This is simply a model letter. Please remember to put similar thoughts in your own writing. Many students use this guide, and if certain sentences are copied your letter may not be considered to be credible. Also, plagiarism is an infraction of Wesleyan's honor code.