Connect with Alumni via Wesconnect

Few people realize the true value of the alumni and parent network. In addition to automatically having something in common with you -- Wesleyan -- they share characteristics with you that other potential networking contacts might not. They’ve had the experience of attending this liberal arts school (or having their son or daughter attend) and then venturing out into the world of work. They’ve felt the uncertainties and challenges of obtaining a valuable and interesting position and can share their experiences with you so that your attempts may be a bit easier. We are lucky to have so many alumni and parents willing to guide Wesleyan students in their pursuit of a job. You can repay the favor when future students contact you for career advice.

Wesconnect is an online community for Wesleyan Alumni the world over. 


You are a representative of Wesleyan when you contact alumni and parents. Please carefully review our recommended networking process before contacting anyone through Wesconnect.