Plan Your Career

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Are you undecided about your choice of major, or career direction?  Do you have an idea of what you would like to do after college, but want to see what else is out there?  Are you looking for information that can help?  Feel like you're at square one?  If so, this is a good place to start.

Planning a career, choosing a major, or even deciding what to do for a summer internship are not always easy tasks.  The truth is, there is not necessarily a "right" career for a person; not a correct "answer" to the question, "What should I do after college?"

It may help to know that many times, when a student wants to pick a career, what they really want (or need) to do is simply develop a plan for the first year or two out of college.  This is because full "careers" usually develop over time, as the result of growing awareness of self and the world, as opposed to one single "ah-ha" moment that solves everything.  Many bright, talented people enjoying successful careers today had no idea what they wanted to do when in college!  Many of them decided to attend graduate or professional school years beyond graduation, after they "figured out" what they wanted to accomplish.

Fortunately, there's a career planning process; a great deal of pro-active, purposeful discussion, exploration and engagement that you can do right now to feel on track and headed in a direction that's a good fit for you.  Fit -- that's what it's all about.  To discover or identify some career options that might fit you -- your interests, values, abilities and potential, personality, and aspirations -- follow the steps below.  Keep in mind that this is your unique journey, and so the process is a set of suggestions.  Work with your counselor to tailor the process to your needs.

The Career Planning Process:

Overview: Four-Year Career Planning Timeline

Step 1: Self-Assessment -- Who Are You?

Step 2: Connecting Majors to Careers -- What Can You Do with Your Major?

Step 3: Researching Careers -- What's Out There?

Step 4: Test Careers Through Experience -- Try a Career on for Size!