Internships and Jobs

Tuft's University Sustainability Job Board: Extensive  list of job, internships and fellowships in sustainability. Popular online job and internship site  for people interested in non-profit jobs. Not specific to sustainability.

Green Jobs: Good place to find green jobs, find out about green jobs, and read about people who have become successful in the field.

All of the general resources for Full-Time Jobs and Internships can also be good for sustainability. Try searching by keywords like "sustainability" or "green jobs." Don't forget Google is always a great place to search as well.


Sustainable Business

Earthworks Jobs

Eco Employ

Environmental Career Opportunities

The Environmental Careers Organization

Green Biz

TreeHugger Jobs

Green Energy Jobs

Organic Farming Opportunities:
: Domestic and international opportunities for work on organic farms.
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
: Great Web site devoted to sustainable agriculture and organic farming.  Database of internships throughout the USA.
Maine Organic Farms and Gardner's Association
: Organic farm apprenticeships

Sustainability Job Information
56 Top Green Careers

10 Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade: Article from
10 Hot Green Careers for You: Article from US News
Green Energy Career Guide: Information about a wide variety of careers related to green energy.
Conservation Economy: Excellent site, providing information on a sustainable society.
Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Provides information and articles on issues of Local Reliance.  Good reading for people interested in local economies, green products, and Big vs. Small business issues.
International Institute for Sustainable Development: Great source of information on topics of sustainability.
Management Help: Information on sustainable development.

Staying up to date about Sustainability:
The Environment Site
: Online resource for discussion, news, and debate about sustainability issues. Also includes an online jobs board.
Science Daily Sustainability News: Good resource for keeping informed about current sustainability news and research.

CRC Library Resources:
Big Green Internship Book (5C)
The Eco Guide to Careers: Environmental Work for a Sustainable World (3D)
2007 National Green Pages (3D)
Be Bold (3A)
Careers in Renewable Energy (3D)
The Guide to Graduate Environmental Programs (3D)
And more in the CRC library, especially in the environment section (3D)