Step 4: Test Careers Through Experience

Step 4 is important for the career planning and decision-making process.  Experience, even without the previous steps of self-assessment and career research, is a great way to gain clarity about your work and career preferences.  Students often try several types of work to test the "fit."  You know you're onto something when you come back from a summer internship and you tell your roommate, "Well, I can cross THAT off my career options list!"  Sometimes it comes down to the old stand-by -- process of elimination!

Two ways to test a career option are through the Career Center's Career Outlook job shadowing program and by experiencing the real world in an internship.  The Career Outlook program utilizes Wesleyan alumni in a variety of fields and industries to sponsor Wes students for job shadow experiences from one day to two weeks each January.  Click the highlighted link for details.

Internships, as you know, are now a key component of a college student's career development.  The Career Center provides extensive resources and counseling support to help you land an internship that fits your career exploration plan.