NGO's - Nongovernmental Organizations

NGO's engage in international development, and are based in the U.S. and other countries around the world.  They employ staff both in their home offices and in the field abroad.  Some people work for an NGO and never leave their home country.  It is possible to get an entry-level position in an American NGO and be sent to the field, but it is quite possible that you will work state-side for a time before an opportunity abroad opens up.

Explore the links below to identify NGO's that align with your interests.  Then view the individual NGO website for job openings, internships, and contact information.

  • InterAction - A coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) focused on issues of poverty and the most vulnerable people. Go to Our Members > Members Directory & Where Our Members Work.
  • Microfinance Gateway - Explore "Organizations" and "Jobs".
  • Relief Web - A source of both U.S. and foreign NGOs, as well as other types of organizations: Academic, UN/Int'l, Gov't, News/Media.  Go to Professional Resources > Dir of Information Providers.
  • USAID - Registry of Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs = NGOs).  View PVO Data Resources