Programs & Workshops

The Wesleyan Career Center creates, conducts, hosts and sponsors approximately 200 events, programs, and workshops each academic year.  Our office offers much more than career counseling.  Indeed, we see our programatic initiatives as an integral part of our mission: to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between Career Center staff and students/alumni, students and alumni/parents, and students and alumni/employers.  These relationships are forged 200 times a year during our workshops, employer information sessions, alumni career speaker series and panels, co-sponsored alumni association off-campus networking events, and career programs that bring together students, alumni and Career Center staff.


Resumes and Cover Letters: If you have never written a resume, this workshop is for you!  The important components of a resume will be discussed; bring your laptop and leave with a rough draft. You will then be ready to visit the Career Center during drop-in hours for editing advice.  The elements of cover letters will also be reviewed.

Interviewing: Interviewing well for a job is a skill that can be learned.  This workshop will cover all the points that you need to know, such as preparation, attire, the greeting, providing examples from your past experience, structuring your answers, and questions you can ask the interviewer, in order to present yourself as the best possible candidate for a full-time job or internship.

Networking: Networking is an essential skill that can help you throughout your career.  It is an excellent way of finding a job or internship, and is nothing more than talking to people to help you gain advice, knowledge, and tips that pertain to a particular field, industry, occupation, or graduate school. Networking enables you to gather valuable information in a low-stress situation by making contacts and establishing relationships.

Choosing a Major: This workshop explores some of the considerations and typical concerns involved when selecting a major, and presents an approach for narrowing down your options and making that final decision.  Examples of alumni, their majors, and the fields/industries they entered after graduation are provided to highlight the versatility of the Wesleyan liberal arts education.