WEShadow Sample Cover Letter

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Dear WEShadow Sponsor:

I am a student at Wesleyan University and I obtained your name through the Wesleyan Career Center’s WEShadow listing. I am interested in exploring the field of [ex. advertising and public relations]. If possible, I would like to arrange a WEShadow opportunity with you during Wesleyan University’s Winter Break.

Currently, I am a [sophomore] and plan to choose [History] as my major.  I have experience as a student worker in the administrative offices of the History Department and as a contributing writer for Wesleyan University’s Argus.   In addition, each summer since my junior year in high school, I have helped a non-profit agency with its annual fundraising event; providing support with marketing, direct mail, and set-up of the event.   

My work at the above-mentioned non-profit has motivated me to explore a career in advertising and public relations.  At this point, I have had an opportunity to build some exposure to the non-profit side of marketing, but now would like to see how a corporate advertising agency works.  It is my hope that your opportunity will help me learn more about the industry and solidify my career goals.  

I have enclosed my resume.  I hope that you will consider me for this opportunity.  Thank you for your time and consideration.