WEShadow: Next Steps After You're Selected

Congratulations!  You have just been selected as a WEShadow participant.  The following action steps will help you make the best of your experience:

1. Contact Your Sponsor.

 When you were contacted by the Career Center regarding your WEShadow participation, you were given contact information for your Sponsor.  By December 6. 2013, you should call or e-mail your sponsor and arrange a convenient time to talk.  If you call them and are unable to speak directly with them, you should leave your name, let them know you are a WEShaow participant and leave a phone number as well as days and times you can be reached. 

During your introductory phone call, you should discuss with your Sponsor a date or range of dates and times for the job shadow.  Obtain clear directions to your Sponsor’s organization as well as designating a specific location and a time to meet your Sponsor on the first day.

2. Prepare for your WEShadow opportunity.

  • Do a self-assessment.  Think about your current skills, your interests, your strengths, and potential career goals. 
  • Review the sponsor organization’s Web site.  Familiarize yourself with the organizational history, products or services provided, current news and careers offered.
  • Prepare a list of questions for your Sponsor.  Good questions can be found on our Web site in our Networking section.
  • Select proper attire for your worksite.  For information on work clothes, see the Etiquette and Attire section of our Web site.  If you have any questions about appropriate attire, you can ask your Sponsor or a CC counselor.

3. Make the Best of your WEShadow Experience.

  • Bring a pen and notebook to record notes.  You may wish to collect names and contact information for future networking, build a list and description of duties you may be assigned, or take notes on responses to questions you ask your Sponsor.
  • Arrive at your site approximately ten minutes early.  Be sure to take into account, traffic and other delays.
  • Greet your Sponsor with a handshake.  First impressions count!
  • Build a solid networking experience.  At the end of the Experience, thank the Sponsor for the opportunity to shadow him or her and ask if it would be possible to keep in touch

4. After the WEShadow experience:

  • Send a Thank You note.  In this note, you can thank them for the opportunity, tell them what you have gained from the experience, and explain how they have helped you with your career exploration.
  • Add the WEShadow Experience to your resume
  • Complete the WEShadow Evaluation.  We will ask you to complete an on-line evaluation after the experience.  Your evaluation will help us review your experience and to continue to build the best experiences for Wes students.

Questions?  Contact Anne Santaniello, Associate Director, asantaniello@wesleyan.edu.