Career Outlook is now WEShadow


The Wesleyan Career Center's WEShadow program provides undergraduates an opportunity to explore careers by shadowing a Wesleyan alumna/us or parent in a particular field and industry during Winter Break.  Shadow opportunities can range from 1 day to 5 days and may include observing a professional, sitting in on meetings, or participating in a specific project within the organization. 

Dates of Participation

In 2014, WEShadow runs from January 6th through January 17, 2014.


All currently enrolled Wesleyan undergraduates can participate in WEShadow.

Where to find the opportunities: 

  1. On November 4th, log onto MyCC
  2. Click "Employers" on the far right of the gray tool bar.
  3. Search by employer name: "WEShadow"
  4. Click on "WEShadow (Winter Break)"
  5. Select the "Jobs" tab
  6. You can now view all of the shadowing opportunities!
    Make sure to check back as new mentors will be added!

      Selection Process

      Please note that there are a limited number of WEShadow opportunities.  All potential participants must submit a resume and cover letter via MyCC to the specific WEShadow mentor of their choice, who will then select the final candidate. You should only apply to no more than three opportunities.  Unfortunately, the Career Center cannot guarantee that all applicants will be selected for a sponsored WEShadow experience.

      The Career Center will forward your application to the mentor and will inform you whether or not you have received the WEShadow opportunity by November 22nd.

      Questions?  Contact Anne Santaniello, Associate Director, (860) 685-2180,