Hazal Muhtar, Class of 2014

Major: Economics and Psychology; Organization: Spencer Stuart; Location: New York, NY

Hazal Muhtar, Class of 2014

This summer, I was interning at Spencer Stuart which is a consulting firm specialized in executive search. Double-majoring in economics and psychology at Wesleyan, I have always been interested in pursuing a career where I will have the opportunity to combine these two interests and learn about different dynamics in the business world. Throughout my 10-weeks at Spencer Stuart, I was involved with the development of four projects in four different practices which allowed me gain a deeper understanding of the business world. My projects were as follows:

Financial Services: Trends in Risk Management

Life Sciences: Analysis of Placement Retention for Biopharmaceutical Companies

CEO/Boards Practice: Intellectual Capital: Correlation Between Having Management Consulting Background and Becoming a Successful CEO

Human Resources Practice: Mapping out the Regional and Divisional Heads of HR in Fortune 500 Companies

I was lucky that through the projects I oversaw, I was able to gain an objective understanding of how different industries and practices interact with each other. Now I can confidently decide what paths I would like to take and what type of career I would like to pursue and this would not happen if I was not lucky enough to receive the summer experience grant.