Yelena Niazyan, Class of 2011

Major: Russian and Eastern European Studies; Organization: Ugly Duckling Presse; Location: Brooklyn, NY

Yelena Niazyan, Class of 2011My experience this summer has been vastly different from the kinds of work I've done in the past. Instead of the usual hierarchical office that I've become accustomed to, I find myself working in a studio in a much more community oriented environment. My days, with the exception of a few daily administrative tasks, vary greatly. In the past few weeks I have written content for the press's website, edited manuscripts and catalogs, and stitched, glued and folded together books. Working at UDP I have had the chance to liaison with many other members of the literary world - who I meet at UDP events or when setting up readings for the press's poets. Recently I was asked to review an incoming manuscript, so my range of tasks and the responsibility I'm entrusted with steadily grows - even now, halfway through the summer. The wonderful thing about my internship at UDP is that I'm constantly learning. Since the internship has started I've begun to learn how to use InDesign and Photoshop and in the next few weeks I should be learning how to use a letterpress. I'm consistently encouraged to think creatively and take my own initiative on various projects, even as I am supported through any questions I may have or missteps I may make. It's been an engaging and worthwile experience so far.