Center for Community Partnerships
Center for Community Partnerships

The idea behind the Center for Community Partnerships [CCP] is simple: we've centralized the different offices which work on university-community initiatives in one place so it's easier for everyone to access our resources. Combining the assets of the Service-Learning Center, the Office of Community Service and Volunteerism, the Office of Community Relations, the Green Street Arts Center/PIMMS and the Center for Prison Education, the CCP seeks to serve the development of both the individual and the community, guided by principles of mutual respect and shared responsibility.

Center for Community Partnerships Celebrates 10 Years: Wesleyan Connection article on the Center for Community Partnerships' Tenth Anniversary


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Gary Lawson on the Decision of 1803
The second of four lectures in the Centralization and Decentralization series, hosted by the Allbritton Collaborative Course Cluster Initiative:

Volunteer Opportunity: Celebrating Diversity and Teaching Acceptance with Julia’s Star
The Julia‘s Star program brings Wesleyan students into contact with Middletown fifth graders, and through the interaction seeks to create a safe space for positive dialogue about identity, prejudice and stereotypes. Through the book Julia‘s Star and the discussion, we hope the students will understand the impact of stereotypes, both on a micro and a macro […]

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