A(T)R Calendar, Spring 2010

Monday, February 1

  • Print-on-Demand, with Patrick Dowdy and Dan Schnaidt

Tuesday, February 9

  • Students and Reading Assignments: Do students do the readings? What are reasonable expectations? What techniques encourage students to complete reading assignments? with Andy Szegedy-Maszak and Natasha Korda

Monday, February 15

  • Debra Matthews, Program Director for the Center for Human Services at the University of Rhode Island, on How program evaluation can improve performance and positive outcomes

Tuesday, February 23

  • Teaching the Lecture Course, with David Westmoreland, Claire Potter and Scott Plous

Monday, March 1

  • WESU and Wes faculty, with Kehaulani Kaunui, Sonia Mañjon, and Ben Michael

Tuesday, March 23

  • Assembling a Dossier for Tenure and Promotion, with VPAA and chair of Advisory Joe Bruno and vice-chair of Advisory Gary Shaw

Monday, March 29

  • Library and IT: Should They Have One Director?

Tuesday, April 6

  • Skype and Scholarship, Skype and Teaching

Monday, April 12 

  • Gen Education Expectations and Division I:  What Should Students Who Don't Major in the Arts and Humanities Get From Their Arts and Humanities Courses, with Henry Abelove, Ellen Nerenberg, and Joe Siry

Tuesday, April 20

  • Career Stress: What Are Its Sources? What Can Be Done to Lessen It?

Monday, April 26

  • Moodle