Open-Door Courses 

IMPORTANT:  If you are interested in attending an open-door course, please be sure to contact the faculty member in advance to set up an appointment.

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

Professor Department Course Name
Magda Teter History and Medieval Studies

Fall 14- HIST362 - Issues in Contemporary Historiography

Spring 15 - Jewish History - From Spanish Expulsion to Jon Stewart

Stephen Angle

Philosophy and College of East Asian Studies

Fall 14 - PHIL205 - Classical Chinese Philosophy
Mary- Jane Rubenstein

Religion and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Fall 14 - RELI220 - Modern Christian Thought

Elise Springer


Fall 14 - PHIL212 - Introduction to Ethics

Peter Rutland

Government and Russian and Eastern European Studies

Fall 14 - GOVT274 - Russian Politics

GOVT278 - Nationlism

Richard Adelstein

Economics and College of Social Studies

Fall 14 - ECON254 - State of Ecomony in Industrial America, 1870 - 1940

CSS220 - Sophomore Economics Tutorial: Topics in the History of Economic Thought

Mark Hovey Mathematics

Fall 14 - MATH221 - Vectors and Matrices

MATH523 - Topology

Scott Plous Psychology Fall 14 - PSYC260 - Social Psychology
Anne Green English and Writing Program

Fall 14 - ENGL270 Writing Creative Nonfiction

Spring 15 - ENGL271 - Distinguished Writer/New Voices

Douglas Foyle Government and College of Social Studies

Fall 14 - GOVT311 - United States Foreign Policy

GOVT314 - Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

Spring 15 - GOVT334 - International Security in a Changing World

CSS330 - Junior Government Tutorial: The Great Powers and Grand Strategy

Andrew Szegedy-Maszak Classical Studies - Greek and Latin

Fall 14 - GRK102 - Introduction to Ancient Greek, Semester II

LAT201 - Reading Latin Prose: Roman Letter Writers

Spring 15 - LAT222 - Lucretius

CCIV112 - Three Great Myths: Prometheus, Persephone, and Dionysus

Sean McCann English

Fall 14 - ENGL150 - American Crazy: Five Myths of Extremism, Violence, and National Identity

ENGL384 - New York City in the '40s

Spring 15 - ENGL204A - American Literature, 1865-1945

Francis Starr Physics and College of intergrated Science

Fall 14 - PHYS324 - Computational Physics: Algorithms and Clusters

CIS221 - Research Frontiers in the Sciences I

Spring 15 - PHYS510 - Theorectical Physics Seminar II

CIS222 - Research Frontiers in the Sciences II

David Pollack Mathematics

Spring 15 - MATH228 - Discrete Mathematics

MATH272 - Number Theory and Cryptography

T. David Westmoreland Chemistry

Fall 14 - CHEM361 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Spring 15 - CHEM144 - Principles of Chemistry II

Michael Armstrong Roche Romance Languages & Literature (Spanish) and Medieval Studies

Fall 14 - SPAN230 - Heroes, Lovers, and Swindlers: Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature and History

Spring 15 - SPAN232 - Dialogue of Poets: Classical and 20th Century Poetry in Spain and Latin America

Donald J. Moon Government, Environmental Studies, and College of Social Studies

Fall 14 - GOVT340 - Global Justice

CSS271 - Sophomore Colloquium: Modern Social Theory

Spring 15 - GOVT159 - The Moral Basis of Politics

CSS371 -Junior Colloquium Tutorial: Postimperial History, 1945-1990

Petra Bonefart-Taylor Mathematics

Fall 14 - MATH231 - An Introduction to Probability

Gloster Aaron Biology and Neuroscience and Behavior

Spring 15 - BIOL245 - Cellular Neurophysiology

Sally Bachner English

Spring 15 - ENGL201 - Borrowing and Stealing: Authorship and Originality in Literature

ENGL343 - Contesting American History:  Fiction After 1967