The Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the nation's largest study abroad fellowship program, and is designed to give graduating seniors, recent B.S./B.A. graduates, graduate students, and professionals opportunities for international experience, personal enrichment and an open exchange of ideas with citizens of other nations. The Fulbright requires a university nomination. To being the process, please set-up an appointment with Kate to discuss fellowship requirements, proposals, and deadlines.

All interested applicants must contact Kate to apply as a Wesleyan affiliated candidate

For those interested in the Fulbright programs, please make note of the following dates and deadlines:

Visit Fulbright website to review grant options and country descriptions. Start a Fulbright application in the Embark Application System. Make an appointment to meet with Fulbright Advisor, Kate Smith. Seek insight from faculty, advisors and mentors. Identify potential affiliation (if necessary).

July 12 @ 12PM NOON EST - Priority Deadline
Submit preliminary Fulbright application via email to Preliminary application includes:

      • Complete Fellowship Applicant Form: Fulbright (form is currently not accessible; please check back for an update on June 30th)
      • Draft of personal statement
      • Draft of statement of grant purpose
      • Unofficial transcript (Academic History)
      • Resume

All Priority application materials should be saved as such: Name of Document_Last Name, First Name (for example: Resume_Smith, Kate OR Transcript_Smith, Kate)

Please note that everything submited for the priority deadline is flexible and will be revised and edited. This is not your final application. From July 10 - October 1, you will work closely with Kate to review and revise your application.

July - September
During this time you will work closely with Kate to review and revise your application. During this time you should be:

      • Writing & revising your Personal Statement & Statement of Grant Purpose
      • Seeking feedback from Kate, faculty advisors & mentors
      • Request an official transcript - this should be a HARD COPY sent to: Kate Smith, Center for Global Studies - Fisk Hall
      • Connecting with recommendors & confirming letters of recommendation
      • Meeting with faculty to complete foreign language form (if required)
      • Contacting and confirming an affiliation letter (if required)

September 12 - Required Campus Deadline (due @ 12PM NOON EST)
All applicants applying through the campus process must upload their completed application to the Embark application system. All application materials required by the Fulbright application are due at this time.

September 19-22 - Campus Committee Interviews
All applicants meet with the campus committee for an interview and to receive final feedback from Kate

October 2, 2017 - Final Campus Deadline (due @ 12PM NOON EST)
Your entire application should be final & completed in the Embark application system, including:

      • Biographical details
      • Personal Statement
      • Statement of Grant Purpose
      • Transcript
      • Reference letters/recommendation form due (all by Monday October 10th)
      • Foreign language form (if required; by Monday October 10th)
      • Affiliation letter (if required; please note this must be uploaded before you submit your application)

Please note that although October 11, 2017 is listed on the Fulbright website as the final deadline, applicants applying through the Wesleyan University on campus process, must submit completed applications electronically by October 3, 2017.

On campus contact: Kate Smith (designated FPA)

Wesleyan Fulbright Application Process AY 17-18